Sustainable and Innovative

Australian company growing delicious Redclaw Crayfish



State-of-the-art research hatchery



Specialised hatchery technology



Committed to sustainable farming practices

Australian company growing delicious Redclaw Crayfish

Committed to Innovating

Living Water Aquaculture is committed to innovating new ways to realise the potential of these crayfish and are excited to be part of the industry’s growth story.

Living Water Aquaculture’s research hatchery at James Cook University in Australia represents a cutting-edge facility that combines innovative technology, proven techniques, and a commitment to sustainability.

Innovation through development

Seedstock production is the critical first step in any commercialisation process

A lack of commercial hatchery production has significantly impaired what should be a high value sector of Australia’s growing aquaculture industry. 

Living Water Aquaculture have been working closely with AquaVerde (pioneers of Redclaw hatchery development) to develop specialised technology that consistently produces robust crayfish to stock our farm as well as supplying other farms.


Living Water Aquaculture are committed to sustainable farming practices. This includes implementing production methods such as; zero farm water discharge, no animal based protein in feed and utalising natural pond productivity to manage water quality and natural feed production.



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