Living Water Aquaculture’s operates a Grow-out Farm at Majors Creek, North Queensland and a hatchery in Townsville. Eggs are supplied to the hatchery by AquaVerde who manitain broodstock to the highest level of genetic quality. Eggs are grown through early life stages in the hatchery before being transported to the farm for grow-out or sold to other Australian farms. 



Nathan Cleasby is the founder of Living Water Aquaculture. With more than a decade of experience in the Australian Aquaculture Industry, Nathan has been able to combine his passion for sustainable seafood with his expertise in hatcheries to create a successful and innovative company.

Nathan’s passion for aquaculture and his dedication to sustainability have made him a respected professional in the aquaculture industry. His innovative approach to seafood production has not only created a successful business but has also helped to promote the importance of sustainability within the industry.